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Out of State Training Requirements

Out of State Training Requirements

The Missouri Propane Safety Commission does accept out of state training that meets the following standards. The training must be by an agency that is approved in the state of residence. Below are the standards published in Missouri rule 2CSR90-10.012.

(5) Every individual handling LP gases or servicing appliances or equipment within any business involved in handling or storing LP gases or involved in the installation, repairing, or servicing of piping, equipment, or appliances for use with LP gases must attend and complete an initial training program as defined in 2 CSR 90-10.012(6), including the passing of a written examination. Every individual subject to the requirements of this section shall attend refresher training at least once every three (3) years. New employees shall be trained by their employer until such time that training is available through a training program approved by the director. The employer, or individual if self-employed, is responsible for ensuring compliance with this section.

(6) Each training program’s curriculum must be based on the Propane and Education and Research Council (PERC) Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) or equivalent, structured to meet the trainee’s needs, and contain information on applicable statutes and regulations governing liquefied petroleum gases. All training programs must be instructor- led by a competent trainer, include hands-on training or a skills assessment, and include an exam which requires a passing score of at least seventy percent (70%) and graded by a third-party grader

The training program must be related to the activities performed in Missouri. Individuals shall provide proof of training both current and refresher training every three years.

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