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Written Fire Safety Analysis

The National Fire Protection Association's LP Gas Code (NFPA 58) has been adopted by the Missouri Propane Safety Commission. NFPA 58 requires that a Written Fire Safety Analysis (WFSA) be completed for all LP gas installations that use ASME containers with an aggregate capacity of more than 4,000 gallons (water capacity). Manifolded tanks meet this threshold if the aggregate volume exceeds 4,000 gallons.


Planning with local emergency agencies is also required, such as fire and police departments, for the effective control of inadvertent product release or fire. This planning should consider the safety of emergency personnel, workers and the public.


The WFSA provides owners and operators of affected facilities with a self-audit tool that they can use to determine facility safety and enhance the effectiveness of local emergency responders. If serious hazards are identified during the assessment, special protection as allowed by NFPA 58 may be needed.


Click here for Written Fire Safety Analysis form 

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