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LP Gas Containers

Appropriate steps must be taken to install a LPG container having a water capacity of 2,000 gallons or more, or two or more containers that are to be connected and have a combined capacity of 4,000 gallons or over, or when LPG in the liquid phase is to be withdrawn, or of a container charging plant where portable containers are to be recharged and filled regardless of the capacity of the storage containers used as the supply for filling containers and cylinders. (2 CSR 90-10.013)





  1. A completed Application for LP Container Installation (MPGC-0910), and two sets of plans according to 2 CSR 90-10.013 received by the MPSC office. (Click here for Application for LP Container Installation.)

  2. A site approval from a MPSC inspector.

  3. Tank constructed according to all applicable rules and NFPA 58 codes.

  4. Passing of an inspection by a MPSC inspector upon completion and before placing the installation into service.



Retail Cylinder Exchange Cabinet

The owner of a retail cylinder exchange cabinet shall submit a completed form MPGC-0955 to the commission within fiften (15) days following the installation of a cylinder exchange cabinet 2CSR90-10.013(2).

Click here for form MPGC-0955.


Cargo Tank Application for Variance

Click here to download the form.

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