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An annual leak test is required of all propane piping systems serving schools, churches, nursing homes, resorts, hospitals, amusement parks, summer camps and other public buildings and institutions. A leak test must be performed on every propane piping system, and by a registered gas company or installer. Leak tests are to be performed by September 1 of each year for public entities, with the exception of seasonal institutions which are to be completed June 1 of each year. A copy of the test report must be sent to the Missouri Propane Safety Commission office within five days of testing. (2 CSR 90-10.011)


The MPSC office sends pre-printed Leak Test Reports to public entities approximately one month prior to the due date. If the test requirement applies to your organization and you do not receive a pre-printed form, contact the MPSC office before the deadline.

Click here for blank Leak Test Report

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