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MPSC Inspections & Violations Found

Updated: Mar 27, 2018

MPSC Inspections & Violations Found

We recently sampled a few weeks of inspections and would like to share some of the findings. We had 70% of the inspections with no violations. The only negative side is that when a facility had a violation there were usually several.

The one glaring fact from the chart below is that worn hoses stand out as the most frequent safety issue. 30% of the total violations were bad hoses and hoses are probably the weakest point in a propane system.

Inspections with no violations 70%

Bad hoses 30% Training (none or expired) 11% Fire Ext (none or discharged) 11% No fence or unsecured 7% No hydrostat relief or incorrect 4% Excess flow (none or incorrect) 7% Valves not meeting 2011 code 4% No sediment trap 7% Electrical 7% Cylinder cage location 4%

How can this be? A worn hose that is used every day is easy to spot for anyone except the person that sees it every day! I have looked in the mirror shaving most every day since 1967. As I was thinking about this article, it hit me. I am not sure exactly when it happened, but I got old! I looked in the mirror and I was cracking, had soft spots and have become brittle. Didn't see it coming.

Check your hoses and replace them when needed. It is the point that is most vulnerable when transferring propane. A new hose is a lot cheaper than a fire or injury to an employee or customer.

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