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Effective Site Planning Can Save Time

Updated: Mar 27, 2018

Missouri regulations require a site plan be completed for various types of propane installations. A site plan is required to be filed and approved before the installation and a final approval is required before being put into service.

The details of the regulation can be found in 2 CSR 90-10.013. Installation of an LP container having a capacity of more than two thousand (2000) gallons, or two (2) or more containers that exceed four thousand (4000) gallons aggregate require a site plan. In addition, a container of any size used when liquid is withdrawn requires a site plan. This could be a dispenser or an application using a vaporizer.

In these cases, a form MPGC-0910 should be completed and submitted to the Commission. This form is available at our website or you can call us at 573-893-1073 and we can fax it to you. The plan does not have to be drawn by a professional. You may estimate distances but include as much detail as possible. After the plans are received, an inspector will schedule a visit to the site. There is no fee for the inspection and we find that this visit can often be helpful in avoiding costly mistakes. It is less expensive to do it correctly and up-to-code the first time than to do it over.

The inspector will advise you to go ahead with the installation if the site meets the criteria, or provide guidance on compliance if there is still some work to be done. After the installation has been completed, a final inspection should be scheduled before use of the equipment.

Retail cylinder exchange cages also require a site plan to be filed with the Commission, but are not required prior to installation. Site plans for these applications need to be filed within 15 days of the cage being set. You can download form MPGC-0955 from the Commission's website.

Call the Missouri Propane Safety Commission if you have any doubt or questions about site plan requirements. We want to help you do it right the first time.

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