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Requirements for State Approved Training

The Missouri Propane Safety Commission has established specific criteria for certified propane safety training.  To ensure the most effective programs, the following criteria for a training program approval were established. In order to establish a state approved training program, the curriculum must meet the following criteria:


  • Written exam with a 70% passing score.

  • Curriculum based on PERC’s CETP or equivalent training programs, can be ordered online.

  • Covers information on applicable Missouri statutes and regulations governing LPG’s

  • Structured to meet trainees’ needs and be function specific.

  • Instructor-led

  • Hands-on training and/or skills assessment

  • Third-party grading (other than the trainer)

  • Nationally recognized program or equivalent

  • Trainer competency – A resume of the trainer is required to determine if qualified to instruct propane safety.  Trainers must have a background in propane safety.

  • Instructional hours of course to be sufficient for the specific program.

To request that your training program be approved by the Missouri Propane Safety Commission, complete the training application.  An application is needed for each program, so if you hope to offer more than one, you may copy the application as many times as needed.  Be sure to include the resume(s) of the trainers, content outline, and areas covered by the exam.  You will be contacted after your application is reviewed.  If approved, a Missouri Propane Safety Inspector will observe a training session before final course approval is granted.



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Remember, people’s health and welfare are at stake.  The commission is committed to providing a safe environment to those individuals in our industry and Missouri consumers.

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