Missouri Propane Safety Commission

Sunday, April 19, 2015



Annual Leak Test - Missouri Propane Safety Commission - June 2013 - In section 2 CSR 90-10.011 (2) the rules state the "The inspection authority shall have discretional authority to require annual leak testing". At the most recent meeting of the commission this rule was reviewed and altered.

The Commission has decided not to require annual leak tests at some locations. All public facilities with a single 1000 gallon (or less) capacity tank, only used in vapor service will not be required to submit the annual leak tests. Your company may choose to continue this policy but it will not be required by the commission.

Multiple tanks, tanks exceeding 1000 gallon capacity and systems with vaporizers will continue with annual testing as in the past.

Retail marketers are still required to perform leak testing at any interruption of service.

Lite Cylinder Company Recall Notice - On May 24, 2013 The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) mandated a recall of cylinders manufactured by Lite Cylinder Company. These cylinders may leak flammable gas or suddenly rupture.

PHMSA has been notified by The Lite Cylinder Company it is no longer in business and the company’s facility is now closed and unable to receive cylinders returned per the Recall Order.

Accordingly, we are providing the attached flyer for additional information. Updates about the recall are being posted to PHMSA’s website and on Twitter.

Questions can be directed to the PHMSA Information Hotline at 800-467-4922.

Timothy P. Butters
Deputy Administrator
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
U.S. Department of Transportation

MPSC's History and Purpose

The Missouri Propane Safety Commission (MPSC) was created by the Missouri Propane Safety Act of 2007. The act transferred the responsibility of regulating propane from the Department of Agriculture to the commission. The MPSC became the inspection authority in October, 2008.

Nine members comprise the commission, which are appointed by the Governor. Commissioners serve five-year terms and have specific affiliations. The executive director of the commission administers, manages, and directs the affairs and business of the commission. Responsibilities of the MPSC include developing and implementing propane safety plans and programs, and promulgating, administering, and enforcing propane rules and regulations.

A per-gallon fee is charged to owners of odorized propane in the state which covers expenses of MPSC's activities, programs, and services. The MPSC may also set fees for permits, licenses, and certificates.

Through regulation, inspection, enforcement, investigation, and education, the Missouri Propane Safety Commission's mission is to foster environments safe from the hazards of liquefied petroleum gases within the state. All efforts of the commission are made in the interest of safety to life and property.